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Our consultancy division specializes in energy and process economics.  We assist Clients in the hedged acquisition of process fuel and/or feed stocks, negotiating long-term power purchase, power sales agreements or co-generation agreements.  In addition, we facilitate the conceptual development, financing, and construction and optimization of industrial facilities by performing Owner’s due-diligence from project inception, through start-up, and commissioning.  We take pride in our unbroken record of completing projects on time, within budget, and in meeting Client expectations.

Our product division supplies industrial control systems and HMI applications for electrical generation plants, oil & gas production facilities, hazardous liquids or gas pipelines, LACT facilities including leak detection and SCADA systems, oil & gas metering and custody transfer facilities, product terminal & dispensing facilities, municipal water facilities and ore concentration plants.  Energia Cura can arrange to provide prospective clients tours of working facilities to demonstrate the operation of its systems as they operate within their respective process environments. 

Our services division offers on-going technical and administrative support to assist Clients in operating and maintaining their industrial facilities in a safe, profitable, and compliant manner.  Energia Cura's service offerings range from "as needed" technical support to longer term, turnkey service agreements.  Competency of service includes PLC, DCS based control platforms including management of historians, report generation and all aspects of power, oil & gas facility operations.

Our metrology division provides third-party measurement and custody transfer services including sampling and administration of analytical assays, terminal acceptance, load-rack meter/instrument calibration/repairs, and NIST/API compliant meter proving.  Energia Cura owns and uses a Calibron P-25.C3.C1.D3 compact ballistic meter prover capable of proving meters with flowing conditions up to 2,500 GPM at .02% repeatability and a Sartorius weighing platform/indicator certified for legal gravimetric metrology with sensitivity in the range of 1/150,000 grams with an EC rating of Class II.

NEW! September 2014 - Energia Cura is now accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard for Calibration and Testing Laboratories, for Waterdraw Calibrations of a Small Volume Prover and Calibration of a Master Meter Prover
Click HERE to see our Accreditation Certificate and click HERE to see our Scope of Accreditation.

  • Distributed control system and HMI for an LM-6000 Combined Cycle Power Plant in North Pole, Alaska
  • HMI application for the British Petroleum Flow-2 Metering Facility located on the North Slope of Alaska
  • Control and automated water dispensing system for Water Wagon in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • In-Line-Inspection (pigging) of the mid-line TAPS connection pipelines in North Pole, Alaska
  • Construction of the new PSI Refinery Crude and Residual Pipelines in North Pole, Alaska
  • HMI for the British Petroleum Endicott Metering Facility on the North Slope of Alaska
  • ECDA and physical assessments of TAPS, mid-line interconnection pipelines in North Pole, Alaska
  • Alaska Rail-Belt power and gas market studies for Doyon Ltd in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Power generation plant sizing and preliminary engineering in Nenana, Alaska
  • Construction of the PSI Refinery Metering and Quality-Bank sampling facility in North Pole, Alaska
  • Control system and HMI for the Ft. Greely Power Plant located in Delta, Alaska
  • Power Source and Requirements Study for the ITHM Mine Development in Livengood, Alaska
  • Boiler and balance of plant control system for the Ft. Wainwright Power Plant in Fairbanks, Alaska

Service Agreements
  • Technical support for GVEA, NPEP power generation facilities
  • Operation and maintenance of the PSI Refinery Metering and Quality-Bank sampling facility
  • Petroleum Pipeline System administration and O&M services for the North Pole GVEA Pipeline Systems
  • North Pole Connection custody transfer accounting for the TAPS Midline Connection
  • Metrological services for various refineries, fuel distributors, water utilities and power plants
  • Audit support for USDOT pipeline protocol inspections including development of system manuals
  • Cost of service and tariff analysis for TAPS Midline Connectors
New Projects
  • Petroleum Measurement Technical Consulting Support - Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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